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Pediatric Liver Transplantation In India

Pediatric Liver Transplantation In India

January 22, 2020

When My Child Needs A Liver Transplant?

A liver transplant is required when the liver is not able to function properly. The functioning of the liver is evaluated by a physician. Based on the evaluation, your doctor will decide if your child requires liver transplantation. Various diseases, especially progressive, requires liver transplantation. These diseases are:

Biliary Atresia: It is a condition in which the child has blocked or absent biliary system. It is the most common condition that requires liver transplant in children.

Alagille’s syndrome: In this condition, the patient has chronic cholestasis. It means that the bile is not properly removed from the liver. This results in the accumulation of bile in the liver. Bile accumulation damages liver cells and causes scarring.

Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency: In this condition, the liver may not able to secrete Alpha-1 antitrypsin. This blood protein is responsible for the protection of organs, especially lungs from digestive enzymes secreted by inflammatory cells.

Other causes: Other causes for liver transplant includes hepatitis, hemochromatosis, and Wilson’s disease.

Do My Child Feel Pain After Liver Transplant Surgery?

A liver transplant is major surgery. Your child may feel moderate pain after surgery. But you have not to bother as the doctor will prescribe certain pain-relieving medications. These medications effectively manage pain due to liver transplant surgery.

How Long Is Liver Transplant Surgery?

The surgery for the donor and the recipient is done simultaneously. The surgery of your child, who is receiving the liver lasts for almost 8-10 hours. The surgery of the donor lasts approximately 5-6 hours.

What Would Be The Recovery Timelines For My Child After Liver Transplant Surgery?

Your child requires proper care after a liver transplant. After completion of the surgery, para-medical staff will shift your child in ICU to monitor vital parameters. Once the vital parameters are meeting the surgeon’s satisfactory criteria, he will allow your child to shift to the pediatric ward. Your child will remain in the hospital for a few weeks before getting discharges. The average hospital time lasts for 2-3 weeks. You should take your child to the hospital for a periodic check-up every 2 weeks or as scheduled by your surgeon.

What Are The Medications Prescribed For My Child?

Various medications are prescribed by the surgeon for your child. The dose, frequency, and number of medications get reduce as your child recovers from surgery. Medications that are prescribed includes:

Antibiotics: These medications reduce the risk of infection after liver transplant surgery.

Analgesics: These medications provide relief in pain which is caused due to surgery.

Immunosuppressants: These medications prevent the rejection of the newly transplanted liver.

What Are The Adjustments My Child Need To Do After Liver Transplant?

Your child should avoid meeting with people or going to public places for a few weeks after liver transplant surgery. Going to public places increases the risk of infection. For the first six months after surgery, your child should avoid strenuous exercise. For fast recovery provide a healthy diet to your child and give medications strictly as prescribed.

What Is The Survival Rate For Pediatric Liver Transplantation In India?

India has its first liver transplant in the year 1998. 20 years from then, the survival rate in pediatric patients with liver transplants has increased. According to a study, the 1-year survival rate is 94% while a 5-year survival rate in pediatric patients with liver transplant is 84%.