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Liver Transplant Surgery In India

Liver Transplant Surgery In India

January 6, 2021


There are various hospitals offering liver transplant surgeries in India. Because of highly trained and experienced liver transplant surgeons in India, the rate of surgery is increasing. In India, the surgeons perform both the living and cadaver donor liver transplant surgery. The cost of liver transplant surgery has various components that affect the cost.

How Liver Transplant Is Done?

Liver transplant surgeons perform a liver transplant. You should undergo liver transplant surgery from the best and experienced liver transplant surgeon in India. It is a complex surgery. The success of surgery significantly depends upon the expertise and experience of the surgeon. During liver transplant surgery, the surgeon replaces the diseased liver with a healthy liver. The liver donor may be living or dead. A living person may also donate a liver due to the exclusive ability of the liver to regenerate. Thus, a small part of the liver from a living donor is taken and transplanted in the patient. The liver regenerates itself in a full-grown liver in both the patient and the donor. The liver from a dead donor may either be transplanted full in an adult, or a small part may also be transplanted in the child. This results in saving the lives of two patients with a single liver.

What Is The Success Rate Of Liver Transplant In India?

New liver rejection by the immune system is one of the significant factors in failed transplantation. However, due to new and advanced medications, that can effectively suppress the immune system, there is a significant improvement in the success rate of liver transplantation. Further, modern infrastructure, better management of post-surgical complications, high level of training, and ultra-modern machines also increase the success of liver transplantation.  The liver transplant survival rate for 1-year post-surgery is 90%, while a 5-year survival rate is 55-60%. There is a significant increase in the quality of life of the patient after surgery.

What Is The Cost Of Liver Transplant In India?

The cost of liver transplant in India depends upon various factors. These factors include hospital infrastructure, complications, underlying medical condition, experience and fee of the surgeons, and post-surgical care. The fee also includes the tests as well as the medications before and after the surgery. Routine follow-up visits also add to the costs. The average liver transplant surgery in India costs about 12-20 lakh rupees.


Liver transplant surgery is the last resort to save the life of patients who is in danger due to liver failure. The cost of liver transplant surgery ranges from 12 lakhs to 20 lakhs. A living person can also become a donor due to the unique regeneration property of the liver.