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Liver transplant Surgery in India

Liver transplant Surgery in India

April 20, 2020

It’s your chance to have a fresh lease of life.

There are many factors that may cause irreparable damage to the liver, and marginalize it’s ability to perform regular functions.

Liver cancer, Hepatitis (B, C, D) and some lifestyle habits like excessive consumption of alcohol is a major cause of liver failure. In such cases, Liver transplant surgeon may advice liver transplant, post a detailed heath check up and consultation with the patient and his family members.

Liver transplant is the last resort, and is advised by the liver transplant surgeons when the patient does not show any positive responce to medical treatment, and the liver’s condition has really deteriorated. It is never advised in the first stage.

Liver transplant surgery is carried out just before the last stage. In case of a liver failure, the body may not be able to deal with the stress caused by the surgery.

Liver is the only organ in the body that can regenerate. 25% of a liver can grow back to a fully developed liver. After the liver transplant surgery, the liver of both, the donor as well as the receiver can grow back to their normal size and can help both of them get back to their normal routines.

For someone, suffering from acute liver failure, Liver Helpline India, provides state of the art liver transplant surgery in Delhi, and gives a fresh lease of life.

To conduct the liver transplant surgery successfully, body parameters and blood group compatibility is a must.

Before the Liver transplant surgery, the person’s name is put on the waiting list along with other candidates. Medical condition, blood and body type, plays an important role. Patients with a high score on the bilirubin and creatinine test are given priority in the liver transplant surgery’s waiting list.

Liver transplant surgery cost is considered to be very expensive, however, medical insurance is available to cover the liver transplant cost in India.

If the spouse or relative cannot donate their liver, then the liver’s availability is beyond the doctor’s control. Liver transplant surgery can happen when the liver is donated. The doner can be a living and healthy person or it can be from a person who has just died and their family has signed up for organ donation.

Since the availability of the liver cannot be predicted, patient should ask their doctor about the precautionary measures that they can follow till they have the liver transplant surgery.

This helps the patient avoid any new medical condition that may delay or negate the chances of the liver transplant surgery.

Our highly experienced team of liver surgeons, in Liver helpline India, have carried out hundreds to successful liver transplant surgery in Delhi, and consider it a safe procedure, which helps both, the living donor as well as the receiver, to get back to their normal lives, within a few months. However, to avoid any risks, the patient and his family should follow all pre and post-operative precautions.

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