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How liver donation happens from a living donor

How liver donation happens from a living donor

April 20, 2020

Know all about donating a portion of your liver for transplant

Donating a part of your liver, either to your loved one, or to a stranger, or simply without any recipient, is a life-giving decision and a very personal one.

At Liver Helpline India, we can help you understand the entire process of having a liver transplant in Delhi, and guide you through it, so you can decide peacefully.

Benefits of having a living-donor liver transplant

Thousands of liver cirrhosis patients lose their life waiting for the availability of a donated liver. The most important benefit of having a living donor liver transplant in India, is that the recipient gets the liver transplant surgery without much delay and thereby saves their liver’s condition from further deterioration.

How does the living donor liver transplant happen?

At Liver Helpline India, our team of experts for a liver transplant in Delhi, consists of liver specialists, liver transplant surgeons, liver transplant co-ordinators and social worker, who are dedicated to help you understand the procedure in detail, so you can take the right decision.

Education on all risks and benefits

Liver helpline India team will help you know every thing that you need to for the liver transplant in Delhi, if you are thinking of becoming a living liver donor for a liver transplant.

Dedicated Transplant co-ordinator

At Liver Helpline India, we believe in giving a personalized guidance through the entire process of donation, recovery and follow-up. Our transplant co-ordinator facilitates just that. They also help you plan your visit and answer any queries that you may have. Apart from this, if any need arises, you can feel free to call us. Our medical staff is available on call 24×7

Independent living donor liver transplant advocate

An independent living donor advocate is also assigned, who will represent and advice you on all decisions that need to be made

Postponing or opting out of the living donor liver transplant process at any time

Since donating a portion of your liver, does not benefit you directly, you are free to change your mind and postpone or end the process of donation, any time you feel like. For this, you can speak with any team member or the living-donor liver transplant advocate for any assistance.

The Process of liver donation for a living donor

Extensive evaluation

The donor undergoes a highly detailed physical and psychological evaluation, basis which it is determined whether he can undergo the surgery without any side-effect, physical or otherwise. Post evaluation, only those living donors are selected, who we feel, can easily get back to their normal lives post surgery.

The procedure involved in liver donation

During surgery, an incision is made in the abdomen, through which, a portion of the healthy liver, along with it’s blood vessels and bile ducts is removed.

Living donor requires almost a week’s hospitalization. There are restrictions on lifting weight during hospitalization, and also for a few weeks post surgery. The type of work you do, will determine how soon you can get back to it. The same will be explained to you during your discussion and evaluation process with your co-ordinator and surgeon at Liver Helpline India.

Liver Helpline India is considered to be the best for liver transplant surgery in Delhi, India. Our team of experts, provide you with all the information and guidance that you may require for the living donor liver transplant surgery in Delhi, India. Call us at: (+91)- 9717106505. to book an appointment