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Effect Of Liver Transplant On Life: Answering The Questions

Effect Of Liver Transplant On Life: Answering The Questions

January 17, 2020

What Is The Prognosis Of Liver Transplant?

The success rate of liver transplant surgery depends upon various factors including age, underline medical conditions, and type of donor i.e. whether live or diseased. The success rate of liver transplant in Delhi has been improved due to advancements in technology and the incorporation of new drugs in the treatment regimen.

Can My Liver Disease Recur After Transplant?

Liver diseases such as hepatitis C may recur after liver transplant. You should take extra care of the transplanted liver to prevent the recurrence of diseases. Through periodic evaluation, you should always be under constant monitoring of a doctor. This will help prevent or minimize complications.

How Liver Transplant Will Affect Quality Of My Life?

You require extra care for the first few months after liver transplant. Once the body accepts the new liver and liver starts functioning well, your quality of life will significantly improve. Within 3-6 months you can perform most of your work. You can travel, play, and attend the social get-together.

What Would Be Severity Of Pain After Liver Transplant Surgery?

You would either feel moderate pain or very little pain after transplant surgery. This is because during the surgery the nerves get damaged leading to numbness in the abdominal region. Pain can effectively be managed through pain medications. The nerve gains sensation after 6 months.

What Medications Are Prescribed After Liver Transplant?

Various medications are prescribed after liver transplantation in India. Medications may include antibiotics to reduce the risk of infections, pain-relieving medications to relieve pain and inflammation, and immunosuppressants to prevent rejection of the liver by the body. Many of these medications discontinued a few weeks after the surgery.

What Are The Side Effects Of Medications?

Medications prescribed after transplant surgery may have side effects. Ask your doctor about the potential side effects. Never discontinue the medications without consulting your doctor. This may lead to serious complications including failed liver transplant. General side effects include diarrhea, increased risk of infection, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and increased blood pressure.

What Are The Recovery Timelines After Liver Transplant?

The time of recovery varies from patient to patient. Younger people recover more quickly as compared to older people. People with the underlying medical condition require more time for recovery. Most patients can go home after 7-10 days. After 3 months, patients may return to their work.

Can I Indulge In Sex After Liver Transplant?

The liver is an important organ that provides energy. Thus, the liver disease takes away the energy, libido, and desire to perform sex. However, the patient can resume sexual activity after a few months after a liver transplant. It is to be noted that because of immunosuppressants, patients are at increased risk of contracting Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).

Am I Able To Have Children After Liver Transplant?

There is no problem in either male or female to have children. However, regular monitoring and taking extra care will help deliver a healthy baby without complications. Women are generally advised to wait for a year before getting pregnant. Further, a change in the treatment regimen is recommended as some medications may be harmful to the fetus.

What Are The Precautions After Liver Transplant?

  • Do not drink alcohol and avoid smoking.
  • Eat a healthy diet.
  • Do regular exercise.
  • Regularly visit the doctor
  • Avoid get-together or public places a few months post-surgery.