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Ignoring Liver Disease Symptoms May Be Risky – Consult best liver transplant surgeon in India

Ignoring Liver Disease Symptoms May Be Risky – Consult best liver transplant surgeon in India

July 28, 2020


The liver is an essential organ. The liver diseases, in early stages, gives no or few symptoms. The person should not ignore these symptoms. Ignoring them may result in the progression of the disease. Progressive liver disease may require aggressive therapy. The liver transplant surgery may also be required in some liver diseases.

Liver Diseases

With the advancement in technology and the sedentary lifestyle of people, the body is under constant stress. People are not taking a healthy diet, and waking up early and going for a walk or exercise is a thing of the past for many. In such a scenario, the health crisis is bound to happen. The liver is a powerful organ and can tolerate the stress to a certain limit. However, in certain conditions, such as medicine toxicity or injury, the liver may have severe damage. The constant change in lifestyle and prolong alcohol consumption may result in liver dysfunction. The person should not ignore the initial symptoms and visit the best doctor for liver diseases.

Symptoms Of Liver Diseases

In the initial stage of liver diseases, some patients may not experience any symptoms. As the disease progresses, the symptoms began to appear. Following are the symptoms of liver disease:

  • – Abdominal pain
  • – Nausea and vomiting
  • – Yellowing of skin and eyes (Jaundice)
  • – Indigestion
  • – Easy bruising and bleeding
  • – Itchy skin
  • – Pale stool
  • – Colour of urine is dark
  • – Fatigue and weakness
  • – Ankle swelling

Never Ignore Any Obvious Symptoms

Many liver conditions are progressive. Unless treated, they move into advanced form leading to complications. In advanced liver diseases, the treatment outcome is poor, and the person has to undergo surgery that also includes liver transplant surgery. Thus, it is important that any symptoms related to liver disease, or of any other disease, for that matter, should not be ignored. It may take a major toll on your health and significantly reduce the quality of life.

During liver transplant surgery, the liver transplant surgeon replaces the damaged liver with a healthy liver. Due to the unique regeneration property of the liver, apart from a dead donor, the liver can also be obtained from a living person.

Need For Liver Transplant

Not all conditions required a liver transplant surgery. However, if the symptoms of liver disease are ignored in the early stage, and no proper treatment is provided, the disease may progress to cause serious liver damage. It may lead to a liver transplant. The other conditions that may require liver transplant surgery are an acute liver failure due to liver injury or acute toxicity due to medicines such as paracetamol.

Cirrhosis liver transplant in India is done when there is a liver dysfunction due to liver cirrhosis. In liver cirrhosis, the healthy liver cells are replaced by scarring tissue leading to poor liver function. Liver transplant surgery is performed when all the other treatment options for reviving the liver functions are exhausted, and the patient does not have any relief from the treatment.

Finding The Best Liver Transplant Surgeon In India

Once the liver transplant surgery is advised by the hepatologists, the other major task is to find the best liver transplant surgeon in India. A liver transplant is a major surgery that involves cost. The success rate of liver transplant surgery depends upon various factors. Thus, the following should be kept in mind while opting for best liver transplant surgeon in India:

  • – Experience of the surgeon
  • – Number of surgeries done
  • – Success rate
  • – Reviews of patients, family members, colleagues, or friends.
  • – Association with the hospital (in which hospital the surgeon is working?)